Thanks for your interest in booking a meditation session with us, we look forward to working with you. We offer a few different options. We offer both Group as well as Private (one to one) sessions as well. Please find more information below:



Our private one to one meditation sessions are a great way to learn meditation. Let us help you take your practice to new heights! Our one to one sessions are conducted virtually, over the computer. Or if you live in the Eastern Connecticut area, we can hold live in person sessions as well.  Our private sessions offer a unique and personalized experience crafted solely based on your own journey. This student centric approach allows us to explore your goals and create a personalized meditation routine that is sure to inspire and uplift you.  


These 45-minute long sessions will give a chance to meditate with others during our weekly guided meditation series. You and the other participants will also be able to ask all your burning questions about meditation. To help you integrate what you’re learning and build your personal practice, you’ll be led in unique and inspiring guided meditations on a variety of topics.


All our various session types included the integration of our positive psychology framework curriculum as well.  

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