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We are proud to offer a variety to services aimed at helping you destress, grow in personal awareness, and live your healthiest life - today. Read below to discover more about each of the whole-life health services we are proud to offer:


Mindfulness & Meditation

Come Meditate With Us

Join us for a meditation session at Heart Life Wellness. Our team is trained in the art of Vipassana meditation - often referred to as Insight Meditation. As a practice of guided meditation that brings attention to sensations, this form of meditation seeks to slow you down, tune out the world, and draw you closer to your true nature of existence. 


Believed to be one of the earliest forms of meditation, Vipassana meditation is thought to have been the form taught by the Buddha himself. With a history of guiding people to true peace and presence, you’ll love your meditation experience at Heart Life Wellness. 

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Positive Psychology Life Coaching

Living in today’s world is difficult. Being surrounded by negative messages and behaviors can stop you from achieving your goals and accessing the life you are meant to live. 


Heart Life Wellness is committed to providing whole-life solutions that help you become your best self. To help you realize your full potential, we offer Positive Psychology Life Coaching. 


Built upon the three pillars of Positive Experience, Positive Traits, and Positive Institutions, our life coaching services will help you nurture your hidden strengths and learn to live a truly fulfilling life by helping you move toward the greatest parts of you and the world you inhabit. Those who have journeyed through Positive Psychology Life Coaching have experienced freedom from mental disruption, emotional suffering, and other debilitating strongholds.


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